Our innovative selection of Spinal Lumbar Instruments and Implants include the Spinal Kinetics M6-L System and the Clia PLIF Cage all in which comply with current GS1 Coding and traceability legislation. All products listed here are available to purchase or loan for both the NHS and private hospital sector and can be delivered on a next day or same day delivery service if required.

  • The CLIA PLIF Cage is manufactured from PEEK with “tell tales”, supplied in 25mm lengths, with 4° and 8° of lordosis available, depending on Surgeon preference, and in height sizes 8mm to 14mm. These Cages are designed to allow maximum area for graft containment to help to ensure fusion. The graft containment cavity is ideally suited  for use with our range of bone grafting products.
  • The EndoLIF® O(Oblique)-Cage and Percusys offers a minimally invasive alternative for fusion in the lumbar spine. The access is based on the proven TESSYS® access system, however application is also possible without having used the TESSYS® method before. This access offers the possibility of tissue conservation and atraumatic dilation of the soft tissue between the muscle fibres with the use of special dilators. The dilators are then replaced with the working tube which fixates itself onto the vertebral body and into the surrounding muscle tissue through its unique design. Preparation of the vertebral disc space and implantation of the EndoLIF® O-Cage is achieved with endoscopic assistance through the working tube, without the need to remove dorsal bone structures.
  • The M6-L Artificial Lumbar Disc is designed to replicate the anatomical structure and biomechanical performance of a natural disc. Its innovative design incorporates an artificial nucleus to allow axial compression and a woven fibre annulus for controlled range of motion in all 6 degrees of freedom. Biomechanical testing with the M6 artificial lumbar disc has demonstrated equivalent Quality of Motion compared to the healthy disc. The innovative artificial fibre annulus and nucleus construct of the M6 is the critical component in replicating this physiological motion, as it is designed to provide the necessary restraint and control needed throughout the spine's natural range of motion.
  • Lindare in partnership with Joimax can offer a complete solution for VBA Management procedures. We provide solution for both the treatment of Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty. We also have our own PMMA based cement, Kyverment. Kyverment is highly resistant to compression, contains barium sulphate for immediate visualisation, is conveniently prepared in a custom mixing cylinder and provides consistent viscosity for controlled application.