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Please feel free to browse our extensive range of Spinal Instruments, Implants and Bone products available to both the NHS and Private Hospital Sector for direct purchase or on a hire basis. A few of our brands include Joimax, Medicon, Spinal Kinetics, Implanet, Edge and Allograft – all in which comply with current traceability legislation and GS1 code practise.

  • Dynamic stabilisation with the “G” Device implant for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis: The Device helps to support and stabilise the spine after decompression Surgery or it can be used solely as a spinal support to assist in maintaining the normal extension of the spine, thus helping to alleviate pressure on exiting nerve roots at the affected level. The advantages of the “G” Device over other similar devices is that it can be Implanted at L5/S1. It is shorter with a curved base to allow this particular level to be dealt with, and this design feature allows it to be implanted lower in the interspinous space, making it generally more stable & secure and allowing for more defined distraction. In addition, the device has clearly defined “teeth” to give it increased stability in situ.
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  • This versatile UV box ensures every handheld device carried by staff members is disinfected quickly and efficiently. The UV box has a one button operating system and allows as many items as can fit to be disinfected in just under 60 seconds. Quick and easy to set up, the AUVs UV Box is durable and is up to a 4.5 Log, 99.995% Disinfection Rate for C according to Independent FDA Consulting Lab Protocol and Testing.
    • One-button Simplicity: No Learning Curve
    • Durable: No moving Parts + Aluminium Case Protects UV Chamber
    • 7 year UV Lamp Guarantee
    • Easy Lamp Replacement Access Panel
    • Will not damage Valuable Equipment
    • A Green Solution, Producing No Waste Products
    • Our Patented Technology
    Specifications: Overall Dimensions: 10"H x 10"D x 20"W Weight: 10lbs Power: 110V, AC Bulb Life: 7 years with heavy use
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  • The MediExpand is a one or multi-segmental corpectomy device designed to reconstruct the cervical spine. The implant has an adjustable size increase system which can be adapted to suit the anatomical condition of the patient. Its innovative design reduces the risk of sinking adjacent vertebral bodies and secures anchoring in the adjoining endplates. Featuring an open design the mediExpand offers excellent visibility of the dura during insertion and provides direct access areas for freshening unaffected endplate areas. The large surface area is ideal for bony fusion and offers optimal space for filling up with spongiosa, whilst following the 'guide-rail' principle. The anatomical design provides the reconstruction of the lordotic profile with simple repositioning of the implant by reversing the distraction and allows for individual treatment due to the ability to choose exact height settings.
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  • Surgical Face Mask

    Sold in Packs of 50

    VAT Free due to PPE Status These surgical face masks are made from a 3 ply design to help prevent the spread of infection from entering the respiratory system. These are high quality face masks to be used by both the general public and healthcare professionals. These face masks have a number of layered materials which hold their own unique thicknesses to block out potentially-infected droplets from entering the respiratory system through the mouth and nose, making them a a preferable choice for preventing the spread of disease such as coronavirus COVID 19. They have an adjustable nose bar and an easy to fit ear attachment system which is made from a soft elastic chord. Users who have allergies to non-woven fabrics please do not use. Please Note: Due to the hygienic and infection control properties of this product, it is non returnable
  • The TOPS™ System by Premia Spine is a mechanical implant device designed to offer better motion and stability for patients suffering with spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis, offering a greater range of movement compared to Spinal Fusion technology. The unique design of the TOPS™ System allows for motion in all directions for patients including flexion, extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation. Another great feature is that the system also blocks sheer forces, which is something that can't be achieved with a typical decompression-only procedure. There are three major benefits from using the TOPS™ System as a treatment of spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis and other facet joint diseases:
    1. During the procedure, the lumbar spine is stabilised and gains a controlled range of movement.
    2. After surgery, patients will be able to enjoy normal everyday activities by regaining the ability to bend, flex and walk.
    3. Once surgery is complete, patients will experience immediate and sustained pain relief according to research.
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  • UV Angel Adapt
    The UV Angel Adapt automatically uses UV light technology to disinfect surfaces when it sense an area has been contaminated. The device uses an intelligent, automated UV-C light treatment system which detects when surfaces have been used and then automatically and safely treats the surface without any user assistance. Due to its unobtrusive design, the Adapt can be attached to keyboards, hospital carts, and touch carts discreetly. The Adapt also uses enhanced AI technology to detect the difference between when a device is being used, being cleaned or when somebody is simply walking past it. The device will only activate once it detects a surface has been contaminated and then uses the UV light technology to disinfect the area.
    • Provides real-time reports on multiple data points
    • Can target and treat surfaces hundreds of times a day, providing 24/7 disruption-free workflow.
    • Monitors frequently touched surfaces or devices
    • Breaks down bacteria with 99% effectiveness
    UV Angel specialise in developing automated pathogen control technology and data systems to advance branded, OEM and licensed solutions.
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  • The Yanek 5 is a portable pulsed ultraviolet unit for air and open surface disinfection. Pulsed ultraviolet units of Yanex series are intended for air and open surfaces disinfection from any type of pathogens and are used to prevent healthcare-associated infections. It is based on high-intensity plasma-optical technology which uses high temperature xenon plasma in a pulsed lamp as an irradiation source. The Yanek 5 is trusted by over 500 hospitals worldwide and has a disinfection range with 99.99% efficiency.
    • Good source of disinfection for crowded areas, large offices, airports and railway stations.
    • Fast and reliable with a disinfection cycle in just 30 seconds
    • Easy to use with a simple remote control operation
    • Disinfects against all types of bacteria, fungi, viruses and mould.
    Specifications: Disinfection range: up to 3m Light Source: Pulsed xenon ultraviolet lamp Electric Power Supply: 230, 50Hz Control: Sensor control panel and remote control Safety Conformance: IEC 61010-12010 Internation Standard Compliance: CE ISO 9001-2015, ISO 13485:2015
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  • The Jazz™ systems (which includes the Jazz™ Claw Connector) are temporary spinal implants specifically designed to provide a bone anchor for temporary stabilisation during the development of solid bony fusion to assist with the repair of bone fractures. The Jazz™ systems can be used for a number of spinal surgeries:
    • Spinal trauma surgery
    • Spinal reconstructive surgery
    • Spinal degenerative surgery
    Also the Jazz™ Systems can be used in conjunction with other medical implants which are made of titanium alloy or Cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy and will work in coherence whenever wiring is used to help secure the attachment of other implants. The Jazz™ Claw System (hooks and rods) and the Jazz™ Frame System are designed to be used together in order to stabilise and immobilise spinal segments which assist with the fusion of the thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine.
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  • Allograft Cancellous Bone Crushed Allograft Cancellous Bone Chips
    Allograft bone is an ideal alternative to autograft for quick, complete bone regeneration. Cancellous chips and granules form the Osteoconductive scaffold for new bone formation while maintaining the porosity essential for tissue and vascular regrowth. Cancellous Bone packs well into any size or shape defect, for maximum surgical flexibility and is available for immediate use with no refrigeration or thawing required. Potential complications of iliac crest bone harvesting, such as morbidity, limited supply, and pain, make Cancellous bone an ideal autograft substitute which has been obtained from an AATB-Accredited Tissue Bank, ensuring the highest quality bone through rigorous donor screening, testing and sterilisation. In many cases, cancellous bone is preferable to cortical bone due to its higher surface area and open porous structure that allows for easy cellular penetration and incorporation and is a perfect compliment to IsoTis’ Accell® product line, and can be used as a bone graft extender or for composite grafting. We supply Allograft Cancellous Bone in a variety of sizes which can be purchased in chip or crushed formation - please see the tab below for further information.     We use a guaranteed 24 hour delivery service for this product.
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  • Accell Connexus is 2nd Generation DBM with a DBM content of close to 70%. It is sold in a syringe form and also contains the unique RPM carrier, giving it exceptional handling characteristics. Accell Connexus can be mixed with any Allograft, Autograft or a synthetic scaffold to provide the ideal recipe for fusion. Accell Technology features a patented process that produces the Accell bone matrix (ABM) which is an open-structured, dispersed form of Dynamic Bone Matrix (DBM). The ABM uses a skeletally mature sheep model with cylindrical 5mm metatarsal defect which is created in tibial diaphysis which shows results after 4 weeks. This benefits from validated osteoinductive potential, is mouldable and easy to pack into defects making it ready to use. Case studies have shown positive results when used in:
    • Spine: Intertransverse process fusion
    • Hand: Cystic scaphoid nonunion
    • Foot & Ankle: - Tibial osteotomy - Hindfoot and ankle nonunions

    Accell Connexus Varients

    Connexus Putty 0.5cc  - Syringe Connexus Putty 1cc – Syringe Connexus Putty 5cc – Syringe Connexus Putty 10cc – Syringe   We use a guaranteed 24 hour delivery service for this product.
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  • DynaGraft® II is a bone graft substitute composed of demineralized bone matrix (DBM) and a poloxamer Reverse Phase Medium (RPM) which is a biocompatible carrier. The poloxamer (RPM) turns more adhesive whilst at body temperature, providing exceptional handling and containment characteristics for surgeons. The graft is irrigation resistant, moldable, packable and can be mixed with other grafting materials. The cortical bone obtained for the demineralised bone matrix is only supplied from AATB-accredited tissue banks which is then processed into DBM in a state-of-the-art facility. As well as providing a demineralisation process, the demineralised bone matrix also undergoes Electron Beam Sterilisation which is the process of sterilising DBM and ABM under aseptic conditions.
        We offer a 24 hour delivery service for this product.
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  • Orthoblast II is a powerful choice of bone grafting. It is available in both Putty and Paste form and contains demineralized bone matrix (DBM) to stimulate and regenerate new bone growth. It is a highly inductive material supplied in syringe form (smaller particulate bone granules) and in tub form (larger particulate bone granules). OrthoBlast® II combines demineralized allograft bone with cancellous bone and a reverse phase medium (RPM) to provide an osteoconductive allograft with ideal handling qualities. OrthoBlast II has enjoyed clinical success in a variety of surgical applications including periarticular defects and long-bone defects. An independent study of two DBM allografts, in cases of metaphyseal and periarticular fractures, concluded that the OrthoBlast success rate was over 30% higher than the alternative allograft product. In another independent study of the use of DBM allograft products in ankle/hindfoot fusion, 14% of patients with a glycerolbased allograft developed a nonunion, versus only 8% for the OrthoBlast patients.     We offer a 24 hour delivery service for this product.
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