DynaGraft® II

DynaGraft® II

DynaGraft® II is a bone graft substitute composed of demineralized bone matrix (DBM) and a poloxamer Reverse Phase Medium (RPM) which is a biocompatible carrier.

The poloxamer (RPM) turns more adhesive whilst at body temperature, providing exceptional handling and containment characteristics for surgeons. The graft is irrigation resistant, moldable, packable and can be mixed with other grafting materials.

The cortical bone obtained for the demineralised bone matrix is only supplied from AATB-accredited tissue banks which is then processed into DBM in a state-of-the-art facility. As well as providing a demineralisation process, the demineralised bone matrix also undergoes Electron Beam Sterilisation which is the process of sterilising DBM and ABM under aseptic conditions.



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Product Variants

Gel Variants

0.5cc – Syringe

1cc – Syringe

5cc – Syringe

10cc – Syringe


Putty Variants

1cc – Vial

2.5cc – Vial

5cc – Vial

10cc – Vial