joimax® HD Endoscopy Tower System

//joimax® HD Endoscopy Tower System

joimax® HD Endoscopy Tower System

The joimax® Endoscopy System is the expert solution for spinal procedures, specifically designed for treatment of the sensitive structures of the spine. Endoscopic Surgery in all forms requires a cutting edge range of electronic devices to allow the user to see exactly what they need to see – Lindare, in collaboration with Joimax can provide this range, and it is not just limited to Spinal Indications.

All devices conform to the highest of standards and each can be purchased individually or as part of a custom stack.

The joimax® HD Endoscopy Tower Contains:

Vitegra® 3

A fully-integrated documentation system with a Full-HD 19″ screen with HD recording.

C-Camsource® HD Twister

A 5-in-1 system containing an integrated HD camera, professional xenon light source and text generator for marking and documentation.

Endovapor® 2

A Multi-Radio Frequency System which features an all-encompassing generator allowing for pre-programmed procedures and processors for optimum electric arcs at all times.


A multi-functional drill and resection System consisting of a console, shaver handpiece and a range of sterlie shaver blades for resection of soft bony tissue.


A multi-ranged irrigation pump designed for endoscopic spinal surgery and arthroscopy to maintain flow and pressure at a constant level with automatic control.

Full-HD Medical Displays (JFMS Range)

Offers 24, 26 and 32-inch full-HD LED backlight medical displays designed to ensure optimum visualisation at all times during surgery.

FHD Endoscopes

Offering an array of sophisticated, autoclavable endoscopes with special single cable technology, making the surgery easier and more flexible for surgeons

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Key Facts

  • Full Service Agreements available
  • UK technicians on hand
  • Fully customisable
  • Latest technology with regular updates