M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc

//M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc

M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc

Engineered to help the effects of Cervical Disc Degeneration, the M6 Artificial Cervical Disc provides a unique design which offers the same qualities as a natural human disc and allows for the most natural motion possible.

Orthofix Announces FDA Approval of the M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc to Treat Patients with Cervical Disc Degeneration

The specialist design by Spinal Kinetics means the M6 is the world’s only artificial disc with an integrated artificial polycarbonate urethane nucleus and a woven polyethylene fibre annulus. With these combined technologies, the M6 offers the most natural freedom of movement within the patient’s neck and allows for a controlled range in all 6 degrees of motion:

•    Vertical Translation
•    Lateral Translation
•    Anterior and Posterior Translation
•    Axial Rotation
•    Lateral Bend
•    Flexion Extension

The artificial nucleus is made from Viscoelastic polymer which is designed to simulate the native nucleus and allow for the physiological axial compression to enable a physiological centre of rotation. The artificial annulus is made from an Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene (UHWMPE) fibre material which is designed to simulate the native annulus & its performance and provide controlled physiologic range of motion in all planes and axes.

The M6 also features two outer plates made from a strong and lightweight titanium with keels to help secure the disc into the bone of the vertebral body. The plates are coated with a titanium plasma spray which helps to promote bone growth into the metal plates and offers long-term fixation and stability in the bone.

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Key Facts

  • 6 degrees of controlled motion
  • Unique design
  • Mimics the natural Cervical Disc
  • Approved by all major UK insurers