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Medicon mediExpand Cervical Corpectomy Implant

The mediExpand Cervical is an implant used to reconstruct one or multi-segmental corpectomy of the cervical spine, specifically for patients suffering from symptoms of symptomatic Cervical Spinal Stenosis and Myelopathy. We at Lindare Medical offer the supply and distribution of this device to both NHS and Probate Hospitals across the UK.

Medicon mediExpand Cervical

What is Cervical Corpectomy?

Anterior Cervical Corpectomy (ACCF) is a surgical treatment for patients suffering with progressive, symptomatic Cervical Spinal Stenosis and Myelopathy. The procedure is designed to remove the large, arthritic bone spurs that are compressing the spinal cord and spinal nerves.

In order to successfully remove the spurs, procedure generally involves removing nearly the entire vertebral body and disc, which must then be replaced with a piece of bone graft and fused together to maintain stability.

In almost all instances, a small titanium metal plate/implant is frequently placed, affixed to the vertebrae with small screws, to impart immediate stability to the construct and allow for optimal bone healing and fusion.

The mediExpand

The MediExpand Cervical is one of the most innovative implants used in Cervical Corpectomy Procedures.

Cervical Corpectomy Device

The Implant

The Medicon mediExpand is one of very few implants which provide excellent visibility during insertion plus it can individually be adapted to the anatomical conditions of the patient due to it’s adjustable size increase technology. Thanks to it’s clever design, the implant has shown to significantly reduce the danger of sinking in adjacent vertebral bodies and ensures a secure anchoring in the adjoining endplates.

The Benefits

There are multiple benefits to the device including the feature that allows it to be adapted to the anatomical conditions of the patient. It offers excellent visibility during insertion with a large area designed for bony fusion. By reversing the distraction allows for easy repositioning of the implant and has optimal Space for filling with spongiosa. Every implant has full Traceability with lot number identification.


Cervical Corpectomy Device UK Supplier

At Lindare Medical we currently supply the MediExpand in the UK to both the NHS and Private Hospital Sector to help with Cervical Corpectomy Procedures. With over 20 years industry experience we have long-standing relationship with hundreds of hospitals across the UK and continue to develop and update our products to offer something new and innovative to the industry.

If you would like a product demonstration on the MediExpand Cervical then please feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service team who can arrange for your local account manager to contact you directly.

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