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Demineralised Bone Matrix UK Supplier

Lindare Medical is a Demineralised Bone Matrix UK Supplier to the NHS and Private Healthcare nationwide. We offer variety of demineralised bone matrix (DBM) products, supplying and distributing Accell Connexus®, DynaGraft® II and OrthoBlast® II.

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Demineralised Bone Matrix

Demineralised Bone Matrix is a form of bone regeneration which is surgically placed within bone wound sites to fill bone defects, increasing new bone formation and accelerating healing. Demineralised bone is prepared by exposing bone to dilute acid. This gradually dissolves the mineral component of the bone, exposing its protein scaffold.

How it Works

The protein scaffold of bone is comprised primarily of collagen, with a small quantity of non-collagenous proteins. These include a group of powerful growth factors called a bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs). BMPs are capable of inducing the formation of new bone by influencing the migration and differentiation of stem cells into bone forming cells. These cells subsequently become incorporated into the mineralising matrix of new bone.

  • Successful Clinical Bone Regeneration Application
  • Osteoconductive and Osteoinductive
  • Available in Putty and Paste Variations

Sterility & Safety

Due to the way in which DBM is prepared it is by definition a very safe form of allograft. It undergoes a lengthy processing protocol that includes washing at elevated temperatures and demineralisation. This process depletes any initial contamination and the bioburden present on the graft is assessed before processing begins, and if it is deemed too high then the graft isn not made available for clinical use. After processing all DBM grafts are terminally sterilised with gamma irradiation.

Demineralised Bone Matrix UK Supplier

Demineralised Bone Matrix Supplies UK

As a specialist Demineralised Bone Matrix UK Supplier we offer a variety of options for NHS and Private Hopsital Surgeons across the UK to provide effective DBM implants to patients requiring bone regeneration procedures. Our professional team operate across the whole of the UK and are happy to offer further information, advice and provide a product demonstration on any of our demineralised bone matrix supplies.

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Demineralised Bone Matrix Supplier

Demineralised Bone Matrix Supplier UK

With well over 20 years experience of being a demineralised bone matrix UK Supplier we are proud of our longstanding relationships with NHS and Private Hospitals across the nation and have a proven track record of supplying and distributing demineralised bone matrix products. We only select the best DBM products and specialise in the supply and distribution of SeaSpine’s innovative range of Demineralised Bone Matrix products.

If you would like to know anymore information about any of our DBM products or would like a product demonstration then please feel free to contact us and our team of specialists will be glad to help.

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Who We Supply

As a specialist Demineralised Bone Matrix supplier, Lindare Medical has established a long-standing relationship with numerous NHS and Private Hopsitals across the UK and below is a list of hospitals we proudly supply.

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If you would like to know anymore information about our Demineralised Bone Matrix products then please feel free to contact us.