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Demineralised Bone Matrix UK

We are currently one of the UK’s top providers of demineralised bone matrix and can provide grafts suitable for an array of spinal fusion procedures. Our Orthobiologic products range from Allograft Cancellous Bone, Ballast® and Strand® all in which are available in a range of formats and can be shipped out on a special next day delivery service.

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What is Demineralised Bone Matrix (DBM)?

Demineralised Bone Matrix is a form of allograft which uses acidic solution to remove mineral components, leaving the proteinaceous components native to the bone. Its main use is to act as a three-dimensional scaffold to support new tissue graft. It contains osteogenic substance which induces new bone growth, making it ideal for spinal fusion and bone graft surgeries.

The protein scaffold of bone is made up of mainly collagen, with a small amount of non-collagenous proteins. These include a powerful growth factor called bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs). These proteins are capable of inducing formation of new bone by enforcing the migration and differentiation of stem cells into bone forming cells. These cells then subsequently become incorporated into the mineralising matrix of new bone.

Demineralised Bone Matrix

Demineralised Bone Matrix Supplies UK

We specialise in the supply of Demineralised Bone Matrix and offer a variety of options for both NHS and Private Hospital Surgeons across the UK, providing an effective DBM graft solution to patients requiring bone regeneration procedures. We are always happy to offer further information, advice and product demonstrations so please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly sales team on 01233 822296.

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Demineralised Bone Matrix Supplier

Demineralised Bone Matrix Products UK

We are proud to have a long-standing relationship with the NHS and currently provide Demineralised Bone Matrix products to over 30 hospitals across the UK. We select only the very best DBM products on the market and ensure that bone products are HCA approved and have full traceability monitoring in accordance to the HCA license requirements.

If you would like any other information regarding any of our DBM products or would like a free product demonstration, then please feel free to contact us and our team of specialists will be happy to help.

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Who We Supply

As a specialist supplier of Demineralised Bone Matrix, Lindare Medical has established long-standing relationships with multiple NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK, below is a list of hospitals we proudly supply:

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If you would like to know further information about Demineralised Bone Matrix products then please feel free to contact us.