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At Lindare we are proud to work in partnership with Integra to offer a wide range of cutting edge regenerative tissue products to the UK. These regenerative tissue technologies include products that address soft tissue, nerve and tendon repairs and for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, burns, as well as for plastic and reconstructive surgery sector.

Integra was founded in 1989 with the acquisition of an engineered collagen technology platform used to repair and regenerate tissue. Since then they have expanded their technology to include surgical instruments, neurosurgical products and advanced wound care. The company currently has offices, manufacturing and research facilities in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and here in the UK.

Integra aim to make everything you touch and do as simple as possible, so by simplifying procedures and products they are able to eliminate unnecessary steps to save time during procedures. This allows new and innovative products and technologies to address unmet patient needs and improve outcomes.

Our product portfolio also include the innovative Integra Mozaik which is a collagen ceramic osteoconductive scaffold which is engineered to mimic the composition and structure of natural bone.

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Integra Mozaik

Integra Mozaik

Integra Mozaik is a Osteoconductive Scaffold which is engineered to mimic the composition and structure of natural bone. Made up on 80% purified beta-TCP granules and 20% purified type 1 collagen, it uses a bioactive inductive element to promote bone growth, making it the ideal choice for bone reconstruction procedures.


Other Spinal BrandsĀ We Supply

As well as Integra, we also have an array of other tissue regenerative products and surgical instrument sets which can be supplied to both Private and NHS hospitals across the UK.

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If you would like a product demonstration of the Integra Mosaic then please get in touch and a member of our team will be glad to assist.