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Joimax® is one of the leaders when it comes to pioneering endoscopic technology. Their surgical solutions ensure the most gentle form of treatment for patients and allow for the safest and most cost-effective procedures.

Joimax® first began their journey back in 2001 and have spent years developing, researching and perfecting minimally invasive spinal technology. Over the years they have produced some of the most-used endoscopic systems to date including the TESSYS®, CESSYS®, Percusys® and MultiZYTE® and continue to research and develop new and innovative products.

At Lindare Medical we are proud to work in collaboration with Joimax®, providing all their latest technologies to both the NHS and private hospital sector in the UK. If you would like to speak to us regarding any of our joimax® products then please feel free to contact us.

All of our Joimax® spinal instruments hold valid GS1 codes which are monitored for traceability in accordance to current law and legislation.

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TESSYS® Instrument System

The Tessy system is a reliable and user-friendly endoscopic spinal system. Whether treating herniated discs or stenosis, surgeons operate through a tiny incision and enter the foramen without general anaesthesia – without injuring any muscle or soft tissue.


CESSYS® Cervical Endoscopic Surgical System

The CESSYS® allows for the minimally invasive treatment of cervical disc herniations.The endoscopic CESSYS® procedure uses an anterolateral approach through the disc space directly to the site of herniation.


Joimax® NAVENTO Endoscopic Tower

The Joimax® Endoscopy System is specifically designed for treatment of the sensitive structures of the spine. This electronic device allows the user to see exactly what they need to see during an endoscopic procedure.


Percusys® Plus

The Percusys® Plus pedicle screw system can be used for surgical correction of various types of spinal diseases. The system is designed for temporary stabilisation until formation of an osseous fusion and is optimally adapted to the latest LIF methods.


MultiZYTE Instrument Set

MultiZYTE® is an instrument set minimally invasive pain treatment of the facet and sacroiliac joints. The set is used within the MultiZYTE® Facet and MultiZYTE® Sacroiliac methods. Both methods make for long-term therapy success due to endoscopic controlled procedure.


Other Spinal Brands We Supply

As well as supplying Joimax to NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK, we also supply a wide range of other brands offering spinal solutions.

Looking for a Joimax Supplier?

Whether you represent a hospital or surgeon we are always happy to discuss supplying your establishment with innovative endoscopic equipment. Please feel free to get in touch for a free Joimax® product demonstration.