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Lumbar Corpectomy ImplantĀ Supplier

We supply a wide range of lumbar corpectomy implants to NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK for surgical procedures relating to spinal fusion.

An anterior lumbar corpectomy is a treatment designed to relieve pain caused when diseased or damaged bone pinches or blocks the spinal cord. It uses a unique surgical fusion technique which utilises an anterolateral approach to remove bone and tissue that is causing compression on the spinal nerves. In order to achieve this, the procedure involves removing nearly the entire vertebral body and disc, and replacing it with an implant which is then fused to the spine to maintain stability.

This type of procedure is most commonly used to treat patients with spinal fractures, tumours or infection which causes compression to the spinal nerves and it can also be offered as an alternative solution to some spinal deformities.

Lumbar Corpectomy ImplantĀ Range

Below is a list of the top implants we supply to the NHS and Private Healthcare sectors across the UK.

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TOPS Lumbar Corpectomy Implant

TOPS System

The Tops System is a mechanical implant which is designed to offer a better range of movement and stability for patients suffering with Spondylolisthesis or Spinal Stenosis. Its innovative design means it can be used as a total replacement at a single level between L2 through to L5 which are the most typically affected areas.

CLIA Lumbar Corpectomy Implant

CLIA Spinal Cage

The CLIA Spinal Cage is an implant designed to allow maximum area for graft containment to help encourage bone regrowth in a fusion procedure. The advantage to using CLIA is that the graft containment cavity is compatible with a wide range of bone grafting products and is available in a range of sizes to suit all requirements.

Titamesh Lumbar Corpectomy Device

Titamesh Cage

The Titamesh Lumbar Cage is designed to provide a superior rigid anterior fixation for spinal fusion. One of the Titamesh’s unique properties is that it manufactured using state of the art 3D Printing techniques, making it one of the most innovative implants on the market. It is made from a strong titanium material and is available in either a flat or anatomical design.

G-Device Lumbar Corpectomy Implant

G Device Interlaminar Implant

The G Device is designed for treatment of lumber Spinal Stenosis and is designed to offer support and stability after decompression surgery. This implant can be implanted at L5/S1 and is shorter than most other implants on the market which allows it to be implanted lower in the interspinous space, allowing for a more defined distraction.

Lumbar Corpectomy Implant Supplier UK

Lumbar Corpectomy ImplantsĀ UK Supplier

At Lindare Medical we supply an extensive range of Lumber Corpectomy Implants to both the NHS and Private Hospital Sector. With over 20 years industry experience we have long-standing relationship with hundreds of hospitals across the UK and continue to develop and update our products to offer something new and innovative to the industry.

If you would like a product demonstration on any of the Lumbar Corpectomy Implants we supply then please feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service team who can arrange for your local account manager to contact you directly.

Who We Supply

We supply a wide range of hospitals (both NHS and Private) nationwide with lumbar corpectomy implants.

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