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Lindare Medical is a Medicon supplier to both NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK. Founded in 1941, Medicon specialises in the production of surgical products. With a catalogue boasting over 35,000 products, Medicon create tools designed speficially for surgical, CMF and Neuro-Spine applications. The company is actually a conglomerate, merged of 6 different companies, each specialising in their own sub-set which makes Medicon an expert in many medical areas.

Lindare Medical specialises in the supply of Medicon’s mediExpand® Cervical, an innovative reconstruction implant for the cervical spine. If you are a surgeon or representative of a UK-based NHS or Private Hospital, then we are able to supply this innovative implant for use in corpectomy surgery.

If you have further questions or would like to arrange a product demonstration, then please contact us directly on 01233 822296 and one of our friendly team will be glad to assist. We supply Medicon products across the whole of the UK so no hospital is too far for us to travel to.

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MediExpand Implant

mediExpand® Cervical

Medicon’s mediExpand® Cervical is an implant used specifically for cervical spine reconstruction of a single or multi-segmental corpectomy.

The implant features its own unique set of instruments which allow the size of the device to be individually adapted. This is achieved by increasing or decreasing the size to the anatomical conditions of any patient. Its unique design also reduces the chance of sinking in adjacent vertical bodies by providing a secure anchoring system via the endplates.


Other Spinal Brands We Supply

As well as supplying Medicon products to NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK, we also offer a wide range of other spinal surgical products from the brands listed below.

Looking for a Medicon Supplier?

If you represent a UK-based NHS or Private Hospital then we are able to discuss the supply of this unique brand to you. Medicon’s products provide surgeons with the ability perform cervical corpectomy surgery via the mediExpand® Cervical.