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Orthobiologics Products Supplier

We supply a range of Orthobiologics products to both NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK. Orthobiologics are all made from substances that are naturally found within the human body and are used to improve the healing of broken bones as well as injured muscles, ligaments and tendons. Our Orthobiologics products range from Frozen Tendons to Cancellous Bone and include Allograft Cancellous Bone, Accell Connexus Putty, Allograft Cancellous Bone, OrthoBlast II, Integra Mozaik and OsSatura TCP.

All our bone products are HCA approved and have full traceability which is monitored in accordance to the HCA license requirements and will be delivered on a tracked 24 hour delivery service.

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Allograft Cancellous Bone

Allograft bone is the perfect choice for quick and complete bone regeneration. When applied, the chips and granules form a Osteoconductive scaffold which allows for new bone formation whilst maintaining the porosity essential for vascular and tissue growth. It’s dense structure allows it to be manipulated into multiple shapes and sizes and its air tight packaging makes it available with no refrigeration required.

Accell Connexus Putty Orthobiologics

Accell Connexus Putty

Our range of Accell Connexus Putty combines de-mineralised bone matrix with patented Accell bone matrix to provide a syringe putty which is easily manipulated to form any shape and size. The unique RPM carrier gives this putty an exceptional handling and containment characteristic which becomes more viscous at body temperature. Available in either a 0.5cc or 1cc syringe and shipped on a 24 hour special next day delivery service.


Integra Mozaik

Integra Mozaik is a Osteoconductive Scaffold which is engineered to mimic the composition and structure of natural bone. Made up on 80% purified beta-TCP granules and 20% purified type 1 collagen, it enables a bioactive inductive element which promotes bone growth making it the ideal choice for bone reconstruction procedures. This Mozaik is available in both a strip and putty form making it easy to handle and optimal for placement in irregularly shaped defect sites.

OrthoBlast II Orthobiologics

OrthoBlast II

Our range of Orthoblast II graft is provided in a syringe packaging which requires no refrigeration – making it easy to store with little preoperative preparation requirements. This bone matrix is a powerful choice for bone grafting as it contains demineralised bone which stimulates and regenerates new bone growth. OrthoBlast has enjoyed clinical success in a variety of surgical applications such as long-bone defect and periarticular fractures.

Strand Orthobiologics

Strand® & Strand® Plus

The Seaspine Strand and Strand Plus is made from 100% Demineralised Bone Fibres which are designed to expand to fill gaps and encourage bone growth. The only difference is that the Seaspine Strand Plus is powered by Accell® Bone Matrix (ABM) which provides both immediate and sustained growth factors.

Ballast Orthobiologics


The Seaspine Ballast is an inductive bone graft product used for posterior spinal procedures. Easy to deliver and position, the Ballast’s innovative design maximises contact with the anatomy, enabling it to keep shape and volume even under compression.


Our Range of Spinal Implants and Instruments

Orthobiologics Products are only a fraction of all the surgical supplies we provide to the NHS and Private Hospital sectors across the UK.

Who We Supply

We supply orthobiologics products to a range of NHS and Private Hospitals nationwide.

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If you would like to discuss any of our orthobiologics supplies then please contact us directly and we’ll be glad to help.