Accell Connexus Putty

//Accell Connexus Putty

Accell Connexus Putty

Accell Connexus is highly inductive 2nd Generation DBM with a DBM content of close to 70%. It is sold in a syringe form and also contains the unique RPM carrier which is also an inductive material, giving it exceptional handling characteristics. Accell Connexus should be mixed with any Allograft, Autograft or a synthetic scaffold to provide the ideal recipe for fusion – of conductivity and inductivity.

Accell Technology features a patented process that produces the Accell bone matrix (ABM) which is an open-structured, dispersed form of Dynamic Bone Matrix (DBM). The ABM study uses a skeletally mature sheep model with cylindrical 5mm metatarsal defect which is created in tibial diaphysis and which shows excellent results after 4 weeks. This product benefits from validated osteoinductive potential, is mouldable and easy to pack into defects making it ready to use.

Case studies have shown positive results when used in:

  • Spine: Intertransverse process fusion
  • Hand: Cystic scaphoid nonunion
  • Foot & Ankle:
    – Tibial osteotomy
    – Hindfoot and ankle nonunions

Accell Connexus Varients

Connexus Putty 0.5cc  – Syringe

Connexus Putty 1cc – Syringe

Connexus Putty 5cc – Syringe

Connexus Putty 10cc – Syringe


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Key Facts

  • Accell Connexus is a highly inductive bone graft material which will encourage Mesenchymal Stem Cells to assist in rapid bone formation.
  • It is easy to mould, irrigation resistant and can be implanted directly from the syringe.
  • Accel Connexus is mixable with other conductive bone materials.