The EndoLIF® Cage family is specifically designed for minimally invasive lumbar endoscopic fusion surgery to provide an optimal treatment for spinal column stabilization.

The implants are made of titanium alloy Ti6Al4V ELI and are available in different shapes and sizes. They have a rough surface and a characteristic diamond cell structure, which the bone can easily grow into.

With the EndoLIF® concept, joimax® consistently follows the path of endoscopic and endoscopically-assisted spine surgery to endoscopic fusion. The EndoLIF® access is derived from the proven TESSYS® method. However, it can also be used without previous TESSYS® application.

The EndoLIF® access offers the possibility to dilate the tissue between the muscle groups by specifically designed dilators. This is especially atraumatic and tissue-conserving. The discectomy and insertion of the implants is performed endoscopically supported via the created channel. For the EndoLIF® Oblique access, no dorsal bony structures need to be removed. Thus, fusion can be performed without major structural damage. Furthermore, the multifidus muscle, which is important for the stability of the back, remains completely intact1.

Alternatively, the EndoPLIF access offers a gentle posterior path through the interlaminar window.


EndoLIF Product usage guide


EndoLIF Implants Brochure

Key Facts

  • Material Ti6Al4V ELI (titanium alloy)
  • Excellent visibility in X-ray and CT scans
  • Cannulated for safe implantation over a guide wire
  • Fillable with autologous bone or bone substitute material
  • Very rough surface structure
  • Fast fusion with high primary stability