EndoLIF® O-Cage & Percusys® Instrument Set

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EndoLIF® O-Cage & Percusys® Instrument Set

The EndoLIF® O-Cage (oblique) and Percusys® Instrument Set offers a minimally invasive alternative for fusion in the lumbar spine.

The access is based on the proven TESSYS® access system, however application is also possible without having used the TESSYS® method before. This access offers the possibility of tissue conservation and atraumatic dilation of the soft tissue between the muscle fibres with the use of special dilators. The dilators are then replaced with the working tube which fixates itself onto the vertebral body and into the surrounding muscle tissue through its unique design. Preparation of the vertebral disc space and implantation of the EndoLIF® O-Cage is achieved with endoscopic assistance through the working tube, without the need to remove dorsal bone structures.

Percusys® Instrument Set

The Percusys® instrument set includes all the necessary instruments for spine stabilisation and is perfectly matched to the latest LIF methods (such as the EndoLIF® O-Cage fusion technique) and includes the following:

  • Pedicle opener
  • Screw inserter
  • Screwdriver set screw
  • T-Handle with torque limiter
  • Anti torque handle
  • Palm handle with ratchet
  • Shaft break-off instrument
  • Rod inserter, Ø 5.5 mm
  • Distraction and compression instrument
  • Distraction / Compression Pins
  • Metal Hammer, L 225 mm


Percusys® Rods

lordotical pre-bent – Ø 5.5 mm, length 30-120 mm
straight – Ø 5.5 mm, length 130-300 mm

Percusys® Pedicle Screws

mono-, poly-, quattroaxial or quattroaxial trans – Ø 5-8 mm, length 35-55 mm

Optional Instruments

Rod bender, Ø 5.5 mm


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Key Facts

  • Titanium Alloy = biocompatible
  • Produced through Electron beam Melt (EBM) methods
  • Available in four height
  • Diamond Cell structure