SPASY™ – Balloon Kyphoplasty System

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SPASY™ – Balloon Kyphoplasty System

Balloon Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which helps to stabilise the spine and is an alternative therapy for patients who have had little effect from other methods such as bed rest, analgesics and support corsets.

The joimax® SPASY Kyphoplasty system helps against loss of height and change in the kyphotic angle from fractures. The joimax® SPASYBalloon Kyphoplasty instruments are available as a set or individual components and are all individually sterile packed, including:

Balloon Catheter

Featuring a flexible or rigid shaft with 3 different balloon sizes (10 mm/4 ml, 15 mm/4 ml, 20 mm/6 ml) and balloon lengths from marker to marker with an integrated and fixed stylet.

Needles and Working Cannulas

Impact-resistant and ergonomic handles with a metal insert featuring an 11G starter needle for standard and mono sets (red), an 8G working cannulas for standard and mono sets (blue) and 8G combined starter needle and working cannula in the quick-set which allows for quick access without a wire guide.

Cement Applicators and Drills

Ergonomic handles with an easy to apply cement which is supplied in 1.5 ml volume and markers (1/3, 2/3, 3/3)


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Instrument Sets

Three different joimax® sets are available, including:

  • SPASY™ Standard – featuring 2 balloon catheters
  • SPASY™ Mono – featuring 1 balloon catheter
  • SPASY™ Quick – featuring 2 balloon catheters, with 8G access needle for quick entry to vertebral body