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Seaspine offer some of the most advanced scientific based spinal solutions, from research and development to product design and engineering. They are dedicated in collaborating with surgeons to develop the most effective and cost effective solutions for spinal disorders and their products range from Anterior Fixation devices to Orthobiologic bone graft products.

At Lindare Medical we are proud to work in collaboration with such a prestigious brand to offer a range of cutting edge Orthobiologics to surgeons across the UK.

If you would like to speak to us about any of the products you find on this page then please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team on 01233 822296.

All our bone products are HCA approved and have full traceability which is monitored in accordance to the HCA license requirements and will be delivered on a tracked 24 hour delivery service.

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SeaSpine Supplier


Ballast is an inductive bone graft which is easy-to-deliver and used for posterior spinal fusion procedures. It is designed to contour and maximise contact with the anatomy whilst still maintaining shape and volume under compression.

Strand Orthobiologics

Strand & Strand Plus

The Seaspine Strand and Strand Plus is made from 100% Demineralised Bone Fibres which expand to fill gaps and encourage bone growth. OsteoStrand is 100% demineralised bone fibers designed to unleash the bone-forming capacity and fusion potential.



Cancellous Bone packs fit well into any size or shape defect and are available for immediate use with no refrigeration or thawing required. We supply Allograft Cancellous Bone in a variety of sizes which can be purchased in chip or crushed formation.


Accell Connexus Putty

Our range of Accell Connexus Putty combines de-mineralised bone matrix with patented Accell bone matrix to provide a syringe putty which is easily manipulated to form any shape and size. It is sold in a syringe form and also contains the unique RPM carrier which is an inductive material, giving it exceptional handling characteristics.


Orthoblast II

Orthoblast II graft is provided in a syringe packaging which requires no refrigeration – making it easy to store with little preoperative preparation requirements. This bone matrix is a powerful choice for bone grafting as it contains demineralised bone which stimulates and regenerates new bone growth.


Other Spinal Brands We Supply

We currently supply SeaSpine products to over 50 NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK and also supply a wide range of other brands offering various other innovative spinal solutions.

Looking for a SeaSpine Supplier?

We supply SeaSpine products to NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK to allow surgeons to perform a range of spinal procedures with the most technological advanced options. Please get in touch to find out more or for a product demonstration.