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Surgical BoneĀ UK Supplier

We currently supply a range of bone graft products to NHS and Private Healthcare providers in the UK. Our products can be used for a number of bone grafting surgeries and include the following ranges: Accell Connexus Putty, SeaSpine OrthoBlast II, Allograft Cancellous Bone and frozen tendons/ligaments.

We can also supply a range of frozen tendons and ligaments to hospitals in the UK upon request. All our tendons are available in a variety of different sizes and arrive either as a single strand, double strand, pre-shaped or double bundle and are shipped on a same-day delivery service.

All our bone products are HCA approved and have full traceability which is monitored in accordance to the HCA license requirements and will be delivered on a tracked 24 hour delivery service.

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How is Bone used in Surgery?

Bone graft is a surgical procedure that uses transplanted bone to repair and rebuild existing damaged or diseased bone.

Most of the skeleton consists of bone matrix which is the hard material that help bones retain strength. Inside the matrix are living bone cells and these make and maintain the matriculates which are the cells needed to help repair and heal when necessary.

When a bone is broken, the healing process begins and as long as the bone break is not too large, the bone cells will repair themselves independently. However, sometimes a fracture results in a large loss of bone and in this case the bone might not be able to fully heal without a bone graft.

During a bone graft procedure, the surgeon will insert a new piece of either donated or synthetic bone to the area where it needs healing, and the cells inside the new bone will attach themselves to the old bone. Over time that bone acts as a support, allowing it to produce new bone-forming cells which grow and repair the area.

Surgical Bone

Can Synthetic Bone be used in Bone Graft Surgery?

Synthetic bone graft is an artificially produced product which bulks up or extends the supply of available autograft bone (bone harvested from your own body). There are many extender biomaterials and tissues available, and their properties depend heavily on their origin and how they are processed.

Synthetic bone works in a similar way to human bone in bone graft surgery, it is like a scaffold that supports the bone-forming cells as they grow or repair bone over time. The surgeon will simply use the artificial bone during the bone graft surgery as opposed to bone from a human donation.

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Surgical BoneĀ Products

We supply a range of surgical bone graft products, both from human donation and synthetic engineering. Each product has been rigorously tested to ensure that each stage of the process is monitored and tracked for full traceability. Please feel free to browse our range here:

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Surgical Bone Supplier

Surgical Bone Supplier

We are proud to have been suppling hospitals with surgical bone graft products for over 20 years. Along the way we have built and maintained relationships with a number of hospitals across the UK and are always happy to welcome new hospitals to our supplier list. So if you are looking for a distributor of surgical bone product then please please feel free to get in touch and one of our friendly advisors.

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Who We Supply

We proudly supply bone graft products for surgery in the UK and have maintained long-standing relationships with all of our customers. Please see our supplier list below.

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If you would like to know anymore information about our surgical bone products then please feel free to contact us.