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Spinal Surgical Instrument Company

Lindare Medical is one the leading spinal surgical instrument companies in the UK, supplying and distributing a range of spinal instruments to NHS and Private Hospitals nationwide. We pride ourselves on our longstanding relationships with numerous surgeons and hospitals across the UK and are always looking to broaden our clientele.

We have listed our range of spinal instrument kits which we can supply to any NHS or Private Hospital within the UK and upon request can discuss each instrument set in greater detail as well as providing a product demonstration.

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Surgical Instrument Company

Spinal Surgical Instrument Kits

As a surgical instrument company we offer a variety of spinal instrument sets from industry-leading developers, each designed to serve a different purpose for Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.

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joimax® Technology Supplier

As a specialist Surgical Instrument Company, Lindare Medical is a proud supplier and distributor of joimax® technology who specialise in the development of minimally invasive endoscopic spinal surgery devices. Their range of surgical instruments are industry-leading and the preferred choice by many hospitals and surgeons across the world for endoscopic spinal surgery.

With the innovations of TESSYS®, CESSYS®, MultiZYTE® or EndoLIF® & Percusys® from joimax® it is now possible to provide an invasive endoscopic method for assisted stabilisations, with minimal recovery time. Their technology allows for procedures such as herniated disc, pain therapy, stenosis or spinal stabilisation treatments to operate through small insertions and all just under local general anaesthetic.

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For over 2 decades Lindare Medical has been the preferred surgical instrument company of numerous NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK.

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If you would like to know more about us and our range of spinal surgical instruments then please feel free to get in touch.