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At Lindare Medical we specialise in providing surgeons with innovative spinal implants to treat a wide range of lumbar and cervical spinal conditions. Our spinal implants are most typically designed to treat nerve/spinal cord impingement, known as ‘decompression surgery’ or for spinal instability which is known as ‘fusion surgery’. We currently supply surgical spinal implants to both the NHS and Private healthcare Sector across the UK and our products range from the The TOPS System, Medicon MediExpand System, CLIA Spinal Cage and the Titamesh Cage.

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G Device Implant


The G-Device implant supports and stabilises the spine after decompression surgery and can be solely used as a support assist for normal extension of the spine. The unique design of the G Device helps to alleviate pressure on exiting nerve roots on the affected area making it generally more stable and secure which in turn allows for a more defined distraction.

Tops Implant

TOPS System

The TOPS System is a mechanical implant designed to offer stability and a wide range of motion for patients suffering with Spinal Stenosis and Spondylolisthesis. The unique design of the TOPS™ System allows for motion in all directions for patients including flexion, extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation. Another great feature is that the system also blocks sheer forces, which is something that can’t be achieved with a typical decompression-only procedure.

MediExpand Implant

mediExpand® Cervical

The mediExpand® Cervical from Medicon is an expandable vertebral body replacement, designed specifically for the cervical region of the spine. Due to its unique ability to expand, the implant can be adapted according to the patient’s conditions. This unique design effectively anchors the implant into the adjoining endplates and reduces the risk of adjacent vertebral bodies from sinking. The implant’s large surface area also allows for better bony fusion, easy repositioning and provides the surgeon with a precise height setting.

CLIA Implant

CLIA Spinal Cage

The CLIA Cervical Cage is a spinal implant specifically designed for the cervical region of the spine providing PEEK-Optima technology to allow for easy and safe impaction for surgeons. Its innovative design features a convex upper side which is shaped specifically in order to adapt to the Uncus which is the furthermost anterior area of the Parahippocampal Gyrus, at the top end of the cervical spine. The lordotic fixing notches and 4 tilted anchoring spikes provide the best stability.

Titamesh Implant

Titamesh Cage

The Titamesh Cage range comes in two variations associated with Cervical and Lumbar – Titamesh-C and Titamesh-L. It is a vertebral implant which is manufactured using innovative 3D printing and made from high-grade Titanium. The implant is specifically designed for spinal fusion, offering superior rigid anterior fixation and comes in a variety of anatomical or flat designs with different endplate sizes and heights to ensure optimal precision.


Our Range of Spinal Implants and Instruments

We currently supply the most innovative surgical spinal implant technologies to over 200 hospitals across the UK and can provide a wide range of products to treat a number of cervical and lumbar spinal conditions. If you are a hospital employer and would like to request a product demonstration then please feel free to contact us via the link below and we would be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have.

Who We Supply

We proudly supply a number of private and NHS hospitals across the UK with surgical spinal implants to help patients suffering from spinal injuries.

Looking for Spinal Implants?

Whether you are a surgeon or represent a hospital, we are happy to discuss supplying you with surgical spine implants.