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UV Disinfection Products for Hospitals

UV Disinfection Products for Hospitals UK Supplier

UV light is a reliable antimicrobial technology making it an ideal disinfection solution for hospitals across the UK. It works primarily by destroying the DNA inside viruses, fungi and bacteria and has been used for decades to disinfect surface areas. At Lindare Medical we understand that keeping medical and care equipment sterile to prevent harmful pathogens is important and is why we set out to supply an innovative range of UV disinfection products to help improve the knowledge, professionalism and productivity of sterile processing in the hospital sector.

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UV Angel Adapt Sterilisation

UV Angel Adapt

The UV Angel Adapt uses UV light technology to automatically use sensors to identify contaminated surfaces to disinfect. Due to its un-obtrusive design, the angel adapt can be discreetly attached to keyboards, hospital carts, and touch carts.



The KR615 AUVS UV Box offers a quick and efficient disinfectant system for small hand held devices carried by staff members. The UV box has a one button operating system which allows as many items as can fit to be disinfected in just under 60 seconds.



The YANEX-5 uses pulsed ultraviolet rays to disinfect air and open surfaces from any type of pathogens. Commonly used to prevent health-care associated infections, the Yanek 5 is trusted by over 500 hospitals worldwide and has a disinfection range with 99.99% efficiency.


Our Other Range of Products

As well as supplying UV disinfection products, we also specialise in the supply of Spinal Surgical Instrument Sets and Bone Graft Products to both the NHS and private healthcare sector.

Who We Supply

We proudly supply both NHS and private hospitals across the UK with disinfection products to help keep areas disinfected.

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Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know further information about any of our disinfection equipment.