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Titamesh Cage – Cervical

The Titamesh-C is designed in such a way to provide superior rigid anterior cervical fixation. The device itself is manufactured using state of the art 3D printing techniques, using only the highest grade Titanium.

The printing process ensures that each cage has a consistent macro/micro porous structure, so as to allow effective boney fusion. The cage can be used standalone, as it has incorporate spiked keels on both endplates. With simple, yet effective instrumentation, the Titamesh-C allows for faster surgery and placement.

Implants come in a range of design options, either anatomical or flat. They also come in a range of endplate sizes and heights.

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Key Facts

  • Long term stability in the period of bony fusion with annealing the risk of subsidence
  • Can be used with other bone inducting ingredients.
  • Available in straight or curved anatomical dimensions.