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Fradis Medical Supplier UK

Lindare Medical is a Fradis Medical supplier in the UK and provides both NHS and Private hospitals with the CLIA Spinal Cage nationwide.

Fradis Medical was established over 30 years ago and specialises in the design and manufacturing of orthopaedic and spinal products. Based in the Somme department of Salouël in northern France, Fradis Medical aims to deliver a fully-comprehensive system of implants an instruments for orthopaedic and spinal surgery, with the aim of providing high quality, safe, reliable and efficient products to the world.

Fradis Medical is an ISO certified company, registered under 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 to ensure upmost professionalism by complying with International standards. All of its products have been awarded the CE mark meaning their wide range of orthopaedic and spinal products have been assessed and guaranteed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements under number CE0086.

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Fradis Medical Supplier
CLIA Implant

CLIA Spinal Cage

The CLIA Spinal Cage offers a fully-comprehensive lumbar cage systems to surgeons undertaking spinal fusion surgery and are ideally suited for use with bone-grafting due to their unique graft containment cavity to assist with bony fusion. The CLIA range is supplied in 11m widths as standard but offer 0°, 4° and 8° of lordosis and length options of 25mm and 20mm.


Other Spinal Brands We Supply

We supply a wide range of instruments from a variety of global brands, all specifically designed for spinal surgery within the UK.

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