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Lumbar Spine Instrument Hire UK Supplier

Lindare Medical have several unique and innovative reusable metal instrument sets which can provide tools for a range of lumbar spine procedures. We provide the highest quality of containerised procedure sets with prices that won’t damage theatre budgets.

All our sets are delivered Non Sterile in containers on a next day delivery service and are available on a lease term basis if required.

Our sets are also GS1 Coded and Traceability Legislation Compliant.

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Lumbar Spine Instrument Hire

Lumbar Spine Surgery – Instrument Hire

All of our instruments are available on a hired per-procedure basis or as an agreed lease service which is quick and simple for administrators within hospitals to acquire. Our easy ordering system simply requires you to contact us on 01233 822296 to make the booking and then we will take care of the rest.

With a next day delivery service, we can provide you with all of the most innovative equipment in an efficient and speedy time-frame, providing you with a non-hassle service. Once the instruments are finished we ask that it be sterilised and packed away in the carry cases provided and then we simply arrange for a courier to collect it the following day.

How it Works:

  1. Contact us to book in the instruments
  2. We’ll process the instruments and pack them ready for delivery
  3. We will arrange a courier to deliver the instruments on the specific day required (or next day if needed)
  4. Once surgery is completed we will then make the necessary arrangements to have the kit collected and returned to our offices in Kent.

All of this is taken care of as standard and everything is fully-insured during transit so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Lumbar Spine Surgery Instrument Sets

Our Spinal Instrument Sets offer a wide range of equipment to implant technology such as the Jazz Posterior Fixation and Tessy Instrument System which can be used to treat a variety of different spinal conditions.

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Lumbar Spine Instrument Kit Hire – UK Supplier

We provide a wide range of lumbar spinal surgical instrument sets to hospitals in both the NHS and Private Healthcare Sector across the UK and understand how hard it can be to keep up the with latest technology with small department budgets. This is why we have specialised in providing a hire per-procedure and lease based service which can provide hospitals with a cost-effective solution for hiring high-end lumbar instruments sets. We believe that by offering surgeons better options technology-wise, we are doing our part in ensuring the patient is receiving the best possible care.

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Who We Supply

We supply a wide range of NHS and Private Hospitals with lumbar spine surgery kits for hire.

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