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Endoscopic Spine Products

Endoscopic Spine Products Supplier

We supply a selection of endoscopic spine products and instruments to NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK for endoscopic spine surgery. This type of surgery involves the process of an endoscope being inserted via a small incision within either the cervical (upper spine) or lumbar (lower spine). This method is known as ‘Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery’ (MISS) due to its nature and provides patients with quicker recovery periods and less pain. Our ranges of innovative products include TESSYS® Instrument SystemCESSYS® instrument SystemEndoLIF® O-CageMultiZYTE® Instrument SystemSPASY Ballon Kyphoplasty System and joimax® Endoscopy SystemAll products can be purchased directly or hired on a contract basis with same-day delivery if required and all comply with current GS1 & traceability legislation.

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TESSYS® Instrument System

The Tessy Instrument System from Joimax helps to treat herniated discs (or Stensosis) by allowing the surgeon to operate through a tiny incision without the need for general anaesthetic and without causing injury to any muscle or soft tissue. This next generation technology is user friendly and cutting edge for the endoscopic spinal industry.


CESSYS® Cervical Endoscopic Surgical System

The Cessy Cervical Endoscopic Surgical System allows a non-invasive alternative treatment for cervical disc herniation through the use of endoscopic procedure. It uses an anterolateral approach through the disc space directly to the affected area and then removes the the herniated material, with minimal disruption to anatomy.


EndoLIF® Cage and Instrument Set

The Endolif Cage and Instrument Set allows an non-invasive alternative treatment for fusion in the lumbar spine area. It’s unique design allows for the working tube to fixate itself onto the vertebral body and into the surrounding muscle tissue without the need to remove dorsal bone structures.

Percusys Plus

Percusys® Plus Instrument Set

Developed for vertebral stabilisation, the Percusys Plus is the only one instrument set that fits all surgical techniques for implantation. This shortens the learning curve and the easy handling reduces the operation time.


joimax® NAVENTO Endoscopic Tower System

The Joimax NAVENTO Tower System from Joimax is an innovative treatment solution for sensitive structures of the spine through Endoscopic procedure. It comes with a 4K and HD Screen with recording capability and a 5-in-1 Camera Source with a xenon light source for next generation surgery documenting. This tower can be purchased individually or part of a custom stack.


MultiZYTE Instrument Set

The Multizyte RT Instrument Set from Joimax is used to treat facet of joint pathology for facet and sacroiliac joints through endoscopic procedure. The innovative design of the instruments allows a precise and thorough destruction of the pain transmitting the nerves with just a very small incision. This makes this treatment highly desired due to its quick patient turnaround and high success rate.

Kyverment PMMA Cement Endoscopic Spine

Kyverment® – PMMA Cement

Kyverment PMMA Cement is specifically developed to be used with the Balloon Kyphoplasty System and SPASY set as the resin which is inserted into the the required vertebral body fracture. It features a user-friendly guide and a practical mixing cylinder which includes an optimal fluidity function for easy and fast application.

SPASY Balloon Kyphoplasty Endoscopic Spine

SPASY™ – Balloon Kyphoplasty System

The Balloon Kyphoplasty System (aka SPASY™) is a non-invasive alternative surgical procedure ideal for patients who have had little affect from other methods of spine stabilisation. This treatment can also help against loss of height and change in the kyphotic angle from fractures and is available as a complete set or an individual component.

SPASY Vertebroplasty System Endoscopic Spine

SPASY™ – Vertebroplasty System BCD Kit

The Vertebroplasty System aka SPASY™ Kit is designed to relieve pain by stabilising the spine through endoscopic procedure. It is most commonly used to help patients suffering with spinal column tumours or vertebral fractures and its simple to operate design allows the bone cement to me administered accurately and in controlled doses.


Our Range of Spinal Implants and Instruments

Endoscopic Spine Products are only a small portion of the wide range of spinal surgical supplies we offer to NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK.

Who We Supply

We supply a wide range of NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK with endoscopic spine products for surgery.

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