Integra Mozaik

Integra Mozaik

Integra Mozaik is a collagen ceramic osteoconductive scaffold which is engineered to mimic the composition and structure of natural bone. Mozaik is made up of 80% purified beta-TCP granules & 20% Highly purified type-1 collagen. The TCP provides bone void filling structure whilst the collagen enables a bioactive element inductive to bone growth, an ideal combination. Mozaik is available in two forms in various sizes: Strips & Putties.

Compression Resistant Strip

  • Retains bioactive fluids within scaffold to facilitate protein binding.
  • Maintains graft volume under compression.
  • Bends to conform to uneven surfaces.

Moldable Putty

  • Excellent handling and moldability.
  • Optimal for placement in irregularly shaped defect sites.


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Mozaik – Brochure


Variants – Strips

Mozaik Scafford 10cc
Mozaik Scafford Strip 15cc

Variants – Putty

Moziak Scaffold Putty 2.5cc
Moziak Scaffold Putty 5cc
Mozaik Scaffold Putty 10cc
Mozaik Putty 15cc