SPASY™ – Vertebroplasty System BCD Kit

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SPASY™ – Vertebroplasty System BCD Kit

Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure designed to stabilise the spine and relieve pain for patients suffering with vertebral fractures and spinal column tumors.

The SPASYTM Vertebroplasty system uses a minimally invasive procedure that is quick, safe and easy for surgeons to perform. The one-handed application system makes it simple to operate and allows for bone cement to be delivered in controlled doses. In combination with Kyverment®, the joimax® system is a complete system for simple vertebral augmentation.

The SPASYTM Vertebroplasty System BCD Kit is available as a set including 2 needles or as individual components, including:

Application System

Precise and easy to use including a pressure relief lever with One-handed operation for the even application of cement.

Injection Cylinder

Pre-assembled tube with freely-rotatable LuerLock connector that is easy to read due to its 10 ml scale.

Vertebroplasty Needles

Length = 125 mm, OD = 3.0 mm, 11G or 13G

Bevel-tip trocar with LuerLock connection system which is impact-resistant with an ergonomic handle to allow marking of injection direction.


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