OsSatura TCP

OsSatura TCP

OsSatura® TCP consists of pure ß-TCP, which is a combination of calcium and phosphate similar to that found in natural bone. Its structure creates a well-defined and interconnected porosity, with an average of 70%, that provides a high level of osteoconductivity. As it resorbs, OsSatura® TCP releases calcium and phosphate ions that support bone ongrowth and ingrowth. Over time, OsSatura®TCP will be completely resorbed and gradually replaced by newly formed bone.

While autograft is the accepted standard for bone grafting, it has several serious drawbacks that include extended surgical time, limited availability, variable bone quality, significant blood loss and donor-site morbidity. As a result, use of the composite graft has become more common as an autograft substitute offering the greatest potential for success.

Scientific research has identified three key elements that are required for optimal bone regeneration. Whether in autograft or a composite graft, their presence is essential for enabling surgeons to exercise their skills most effectively in promoting new bone growth: Osteogenic, Osteoinductive and Osteoconductive – OsSatura® TCP features all three key elements for optimal bone regeneration.



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Product Variants

OsSatura TcP  3mm, 5cc
OsSatura TcP  3mm, 10cc
OsSatura TcP  3mm, 15cc
OsSatura TcP  3mm, 30cc