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UV Angel Adapt

The UV Angel Adapt automatically uses UV light technology to disinfect surfaces when it sense an area has been contaminated. The device uses an intelligent, automated UV-C light treatment system which detects when surfaces have been used and then automatically and safely treats the surface without any user assistance. Due to its unobtrusive design, the Adapt can be attached to keyboards, hospital carts, and touch carts discreetly. The Adapt also uses enhanced AI technology to detect the difference between when a device is being used, being cleaned or when somebody is simply walking past it. The device will only activate once it detects a surface has been contaminated and then uses the UV light technology to disinfect the area.

  • Provides real-time reports on multiple data points
  • Can target and treat surfaces hundreds of times a day, providing 24/7 disruption-free workflow.
  • Monitors frequently touched surfaces or devices
  • Breaks down bacteria with 99% effectiveness

UV Angel specialise in developing automated pathogen control technology and data systems to advance branded, OEM and licensed solutions.

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