Please see a selection of Spinal Cervical Instruments and Implants that we currently supply to both the NHS and Private Hospital sectors in the UK. Our products include the Spinal Kinetics M6-C and the Medicon MediExpand System all in which can either be purchased directly or loaned on a contract basis. All of our spinal Instruments available for hire hold GS1 codes and are monitored for traceability in accordance to current law and legislation.

  • The MediExpand is a one or multi-segmental corpectomy device designed to reconstruct the cervical spine. The implant has an adjustable size increase system which can be adapted to suit the anatomical condition of the patient. Its innovative design reduces the risk of sinking adjacent vertebral bodies and secures anchoring in the adjoining endplates.
  • The Titamesh-C is designed in such a way to provide superior rigid anterior cervical fixation. The device itself is manufactured using state of the art 3D printing techniques, using only the highest grade Titanium. The printing process ensures that each cage has a consistent macro/micro porous structure, so as to allow effective boney fusion. The cage can be used standalone, as it has incorporate spiked keels on both endplates. With simple, yet effective instrumentation, the Titamesh-C allows for faster surgery and placement. Implants come in a range of design options, either anatomical or flat. They also come in a range of endplate sizes and heights.
  • The M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc is designed to replicate the anatomical structure and biomechanical performance of a natural disc. Its innovative design incorporates an artificial nucleus to allow axial compression and a woven fibre annulus for controlled range of motion in all 6 degrees of freedom. Biomechanical testing with the M6-C artificial cervical disc has demonstrated equivalent Quality of Motion compared to the healthy disc. The innovative artificial fibre annulus and nucleus construct of the M6 is the critical component in replicating this physiological motion, as it is designed to provide the necessary restraint and control needed throughout the spine's natural range of motion.